His foundation in fine art begin with a graduation in Art History at the University of Turin followed to an high specialization in the painting of 19th Century. This path continued at the prestigious Angel Academy of Florence where Luca got the opportunity to study for several years learning the methods and the practice of the Old Masters combined the Academic Tradition.
After the academy he started to paint around the world, rediscovering the tradition of the travelers painters. The richness of those experience gave him the opportunity to paint in some of the most spectacular archeological places of the world across countries like Israel, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Turkey, Jordan and Uzbekistan. Luca is focusing his interest on the landscapes, the archeology, the ethnography of the Asia and the rediscovering of the Orientalism.

The deep interest for literature, anthropology and myths is bringing Luca to explore the dimension of the mythological subjects for paintings and illustrations.

His works are in different private and public collections as the The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem and the Harvard Semitic Museum of Harvard University.


email: gminella@inwind.it

Facebook: Luca Minella Painter Artist

Instagram: luca.minella.1